Redline Select 310 Flashlight

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The REDLINE Select has 5 light modes with a 4x zoom and smart select dial with 2950 LUX Led. A smart select dial has been added to quickly and conveniently choose your light mode while the light is On or Off. The redline select is equipped with a 4x adjustable zoom to change the light from flood to spot. FLood light is best for close range lighting. Spot light is best for long range lighting focusing light up to 198 meters.

Additional Features:

  • Tactical Edge
  • Lanyard included
  • Signature red ring enhances each of the light modes
  • Adjustable stealth ring disables light from shinning through the red ring
  • Heat sink Design prevents overheating
  • Anodized Aircraft-Grade aluminum;water and impact-resistant
  • Anti-roll tactical grip ring
  • Glow in the dark button with low battery indicator glows red when battery life reaches 20%

LUX Runtime and Distance Ratings:

  • HIGH-2950 LUX/2 HOURS/198 METERS
  • LOW-305 LUX/12 HOURS/37 METERS
  • STROBE-1100 LUX/ 60 HOURS/198 METERS
  • S.O.S-1100 LUX/ 60 HOURS/198 METERS



  • Lanyard



  • 3 AAA Batteries


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