Customer Support & FAQs

We understand there are many questions you may have! If you don't see what you are looking for please e-mail us at [email protected] You may also text or call 785-238-2050

1 Buying Department
1.1 Details
  • Best time of day to sell: Monday-Friday 1-5 and Saturday 12-3
    • We do our best to be available to buy most of the day: Mon-Fri 9-5:30 and Sat 10-3:30
  • A Government Issued ID is required, 1 Seller at a time
  • This service and pricing is only available in person
  • All sellers will be documented with Leads Online in accordance to Junction City Ordinance No. G-1221
  • We buy new and used military gear, clothing, outerwear, boots and more
    • We mostly look for current Military or Law Enforcement service related items, yet other items may have interest
  • Easiest to bring extra items you may have and we'll be glad to look through them with you
  • Anything we are interested in, we pay cash
2 Sewing, Name Tapes & Alterations
2.1 Details
  • We work diligently to keep our turnaround to a minimum. Our goal is by end of next working day.(1-3 days normal)
  • Some work orders may require an extra day or two depending on work needed and when ordered. (2+ days custom orders)
    • For Dress Uniforms we suggest placing your order 1-2 weeks prior to any deadline as many others may be working on the same deadline.
  • Name tapes are available by the end of next working day
  • ID Tags can be made on-the-spot in a few minutes!
  • We offer services on: Daily Uniforms, Cat Eye Helmet Bands, Assault Packs, Rucksacks, Hydration Bags, Dress Uniforms, Service Pants, Scouts Items, Leather Vests and so much more!
  • Embroidered: Name Tapes, Gear Tags, Some special orders too!
3 Discounts
3.1 Details
  • While we do not offer discounts, we offer the lowest price to everyone.
  • You may sign up for rewards, 5% Back in-store purchases, some exclusives too!
  • Rewards are available in-store and online! Limitations apply, only available to individuals.
4 Returns or Exchanges
4.1 Details

Online Returns

  • Returns must be authorized within 30 days of purchase, prior to shipping the item(s) back to our location.
  • Buyer is responsible for return shipping.
  • Item(s) must be in original condition.
  • Shipping is not refundable.
  • Reach out to us at [email protected] or call (785) 238-2050 to begin this process.

In-Store Exchanges

  • Items purchased in-store or by parking lot pickup are not accepted for refund.
  • Within 30 days of purchase, items may be exchanged or put on account for use at a later time.
5 UPS Access Point
5.1 Details
  • A UPS Access Point is a location to Drop Off Pre-Labeled Pre-Boxed Shipments and Pick Up Missed Deliveries
  • Often Missed Deliveries are available for Pick-Up the following weekday around 4pm
  • Unfortunately a QR Code will not work for a drop-off
    • In order to utilize a QR Code you will need to visit "The UPS Store" in the Manhattan Westloop Plaza.
  • If you would like to make a new shipment, purchase boxes/packing materials/postage, rent a PO Box or send a fax, head on over to Box N Ship at 112 N Washington Street Junction City Kansas