Skeeter Hawk Handheld Zapper

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The Electric Fly Swatter by Skeeter Hawk is a rechargeable, portable, personal, pest defense system and is effective at killing all types of flies, moths, june bugs, no-see-ums, mosquitos, and thousands of other flying pests! Swing the racket yourself and zap pests out of the air, or fold the handle to place it on a flat surface and let our patented dual-band UV light technology do the work. It attracts flying insects better than other traps and zappers on the market. The Electric Fly Swatter is micro-USB rechargeable and has a built in white LED to help you see where you swing.

For best results in folded mode, set down the Electric Fly Swatter outdoors away from gathering areas to attract bugs away from the space your family utilizes. For complete protection against mosquitos (which when hungry, hunt by detecting the CO2 we breathe out) be sure to wear some form of repellent, like our essential oils wearable tabs.

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