NEBO Thermo Electric Hybrid Bag

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The soft-sided cooler just got a major upgrade for your next road trip with the NEBO® PolarPak™. Start going ice-free and save storage space for more drinks and food while enjoying the convenience of not having to buy, pack, haul or replace melting ice. The hybrid Thermo-Cool™ Technology cools as low as 27ᵒF (15ᵒC) below ambient temperature* and warms up to 140ᵒF (60ᵒ C). With a 16-quart (15-liter) capacity, it can hold up to 24 12-oz cans and the insulated, easy to clean interior lining is food-safe. The compact, lightweight, and portable design is made easier with the included shoulder strap while the MOLLE webbing gives you extra organizational versatility. The dual side storage pockets are ideal for storing the charging adapters or for holding a bottle or tumbler. Made with 600 Denier polyester, the bag is durable and abrasion resistant. The brushless fan motor is whisper quiet and energy-efficient using about the same amount of power as a light bulb and the versatile 12VDC input allows you to stay charged via the car charging adapter or a wall adapter so you’re always ready to keep things cool or warm.


*Cooling performance is based on ambient temperature. For example, an ambient temperature of 70ᵒF (21.1ᵒC) would result in approximately a 43ᵒF (6.1ᵒC) internal bag temperature. Extremely hot or cold environmental conditions will affect the internal cooling and heating temperature. 

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