Z-Bug Bulb

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For use indoor or outdoors, z-bugbulb Provides bright white, ambient lighting to any space with its 600 Lumen LED. The 4 NUV LEDS emit a 395nm near ultraviolet golw, wich mosquitoes and other flying insect find very attractive. Surrounding the nuv leds is a 1,000-1,200V high voltage grid that kills the allured insects on contact. Z-BugBulb includes Z-BugBulb Sweeper to remove insect remains from the grid housing.

• High-power 600 lumen LED
• 4 insect-alluring NUV LEDs (395nm)

• ABS LED cover
• 360º insect-zapping rails (1,000-1,200V)
• 360º protective cover for electric rails
• Standard E27 screw base

• For use in lamps, wall and ceiling fixtures;
  just switch light on

• Z Bug Bulb Sweeper for easy cleaning

• 0.25 lbs.
• (H) 6” x (W) 3.125” x (D) 3.125”

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